...Let me light up your fingers then.

Hello...I'm Blaze, a princess, and the guardian of the Sol Emeralds. Don't feel intimidated, drop me a line!

Feeling: In high spirits.

Status/Magic Anons: Currently a Bush Baby for 3 days! Awhhh!

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Anonymous sent:
M!A You are now a bushbaby (nocturnal African primate with very big eyes and related to lemurs) for 3 days!

"Wait? wha—"



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neogalaxy-eyesphotondragon sent:
NGEPD: Hi there Blaze. Ennead: Oh Blaze, do you want to battle and test our pyrokinetic abilities on each other? NGEPD: *Surprised* Well, that's a first. You never asked me to battle you, and I'm not talking about that time when we battled at the arena, because that was because we were angry with each other. Ennead: Well, you don't have fire powers like me. NGEPD: Yes, but both of us have light powers. Ennead: Well, it's something that I decided to do right now.

"I…guess I could, I’m still a little worn out from my last battle though."

Anonymous sent:
(Wanna RP?)

(Uh, sure, anon?)

neogalaxy-eyesphotondragon sent:
Formaldehyde (Ray got pentaborane too. I really need to pay attention)

Formaldehyde: "This is…A really confusing question to answer?"


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“Hehe, If I had a Chaos Emerald on me I would have wiped the floor with you no prob.” He accepts the help up. “So, feeling in better spirits?”

“Whatever you say”

“Yes, I think it cleared my mind, I give you my thanks.”

“Great! I had a lot of fun too! You really are a good fighter. I’m glad I got to meet you Blaze. You know you remind me a lot of my friend Sonic.” With a whip of his hand, Emerl opens up a portal back to his own world.

“Well I best be off. Bye!”

"Alright then…I guess I’ll see you another time." she smiled and waved.

She felt happy to have made such a good friend.

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